Pastor's Note
From the desk of Pastor, Rev. Paul Garven

pastors note
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I'm a sucker when I shop.  I know it, and many of the stores I frequent know it as well.  My biggest weakness is the "% Off" sign.  When a retailer is wanting to give me 40, 50 or 60% off the regular price I am now interested.  You offer me 75% off cat supplies, and I'll buy them. And I don't even have a cat!  My closets, and work areas are filled with many items I purchased at substantial savings.  I may not be able to tell you WHAT it is, but chances are I will be able to tell you WHAT it cost and how much I saved.

A few months ago, I was strolling through a pottery store.  Now other than a coffee mug with a face on it, and maybe a pie dish, I don't have much use for pottery.  But then something caught my eye.  Actually, there were 3 aspects that caught my eye.  There were bracelets, with small elastic cords h9olding a small clay sign with 3 or 4 words.  The one that caught my eye, I wanted to purchase.  it simply says, "Be The Change".  Wow!  That was it!  That is what I've tried to do in my 11 years in Elsberry.  Before I can get people to change, they must be able to see that change in me.  

The bracelet was $10.  The company that produced them was "MudLove".  They were made in Indiana.  It wasn't until I turned over the price tag, that I found the thrid and most compelling reason to buy this bracelet.  It read, "This Band provides 1 Week of Clean Water to someone in need".  Here I was thinking how our church might be able to drill a well in Haiti to bring fresh water to a village, and this company is willing to share part of their profit to make a difference half a world away.  May our lives be so.  
Pastor Paul